Shamanic energy session



$100 or 1.5 hour           

$230 for 2.5 hours           

$500 for 2.5hours for a couple 



Your energy is an expression of your inner self. In the session, I access and connect to your energy field. In the reading, you will see aware of your conscious and unconscious self, reconnect to yourself, and see how you connect to others and the world around you.




A session can help you to remove the images, thoughts, or beliefs you have from outside and in your head that are not natural to your real self.


The world has many distractions and noise that can make it difficult to see and feel your true self. A session resets the focus to your true and natural emotions and mind set.




 ▪Set up your self to be here

▪Releasing strong image of you in the society

▪Releasing belief system from outside world

▪Releasing the emotions and image from traumatic event

▪Honest communication

▪Clarify tangles, thinking in your head and energy 

▪Focus on your own true energy

▪Reconnecting your own body and soul

▪Finding a balance in your masculine self and feminine self  

  Healthy boundaries of any knid of relationships

  Become clear of what you want in life